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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website?

On average, we get this question as often as every day. That is why we decided to dedicate an article to this issue. So here, you have a summary of what it takes to develop the major website types. Warning: technical details ahead!

What makes Apple’s marketing so good?

Apple is arguably the most popular brand among the customers worldwide. But what made it possible for an initially small startup to gain such an achievement?

User Experience Testing as a Conversion Optimization Method

The term User Experience is widely used today. Everyone is eager to provide a good user experience. But what distinguishes a quality UX from a mediocre one? Let's try to understand.

Secret superpowers of GitHub

By its very existence, GitHub proves that people want to pay for services that can eliminate serious difficulties in their path, and that one can work in this line, not forgetting that optimization for happiness is a part of the attitude towards employees.

Key Points of an Effective Website

Today most companies have a website. Obviously, it is necessary in the modern world. However, does everyone know what results can be achieved by developing an effective and selling website?

How and Why to Measure ROI

It is important for entrepreneurs to measure the effectiveness and payback of advertising campaigns. One way is to take into account ROI (return on investment).

GitHub: the secret code of success

How did the company manage to turn from a so-called "weekend project" to one of the most influential global software corporations, valued at $ 750,000,000 and receiving an average of 10,000 new users every day?

A Simple Algorithm to Help You Increase the Free-to-paid Conversion of Your Service

The product developers often overload users and demand obligations too early. In fact, you need to be patient and build rapport with your audience like in normal human relationships. Acting like this, you can significantly increase the conversion of your trial-to-paid funnel. And now I will show you how.

7 Ways You Could Optimize Content Before Publishing

In this article, I will provide you with the ways on how to optimize your content to please search engines. These SEO-tips are simple, yet effective.