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05 Jun, 2017

Optimization of Usability for a Delightful UX

What comes to your mind when you hear "a delightful UX"? For ordinary users, the first association, most likely, will be an eye-pleasing, colorful animation or a good choice of fonts. In other words, a delightful user experience in the minds of people is associated primarily with the surface attributes of the interface.

Of course, the external elements of the UI are significant. However, beneath them, there are no less important details that provide deep delight (in addition to the superficial). To understand better what is being discussed, let’s read the definition.

The term "user delight" stands for positive emotions of a person during interaction with a device or interface. They are highly difficult to measure as people are unlikely to voice their emotions if the website or application is working exactly as they expected. They are also ready to forgive shortcomings to software products if the rejection of them in favor of alternative options involves significant costs.

Hierarchy of user needs

Considering the importance of the user delight, one should analyze the actual needs of the audience. Aarron Walter in his book Designing for Emotion offers a hierarchy of user needs that appears as a pyramid.

The idea is that until you meet the basic needs of the user (until you provide them with a working product), there is no point in trying to meet the needs of a higher level. What's the use in the original design and intuitive navigation, if the application does not allow you to perform the simple task?

If you managed to create a functional, reliable and easy-to-use product, you can pay attention to the top of the pyramid – try to delight the audience, superficially or deeply.

Superficial delight

Such type of delight mainly involves separately taken features of the interface, such as animation, original micro-content, attractive images and the like.

An example of the use of micro-content: Groupon actively applies small reminders with informal formulations that evoke an emotional response from potential customers.

Deep delight

The peculiarities of deep delight lie in the fact that people often do not even notice that they are experiencing it. And that is the best part. A site or application that works in strict accordance with the expectations of the user (or even better) helps to fully focus on the task, enter the state of the flow. The best thing is people do not need to be aware of what they like in your product to continue using it.

Emotional component of the audience's interaction 


The website Yelp.com presents reviews and ratings of various companies (restaurants, beauty salons, etc.):

  • Functionality. The service allows you to choose the best option, even if you are in an unfamiliar city.
  • Reliability. An impressive audience of the service allows a person to get the complete information about the company of interest.
  • Convenience. Yelp provides the user with information that is most likely interesting to him at this stage of the journey through the site.
  • Ability to bring pleasure. The service offers relevant micro-content and non-trivial images that make the website more cozy and humane.


The Unroll.me service is designed to easily manage email subscriptions:

  • Functionality. With the help of Unroll.me, the user can see the list of mailings subscribed to, and unsubscribe from superfluous without any efforts.
  • Reliability. When using the application, you can be sure that messages from blocked addresses will never get into the inbox.
  • Convenience. Service focuses on key features.
  • Ability to bring pleasure. The interface of Unroll.me is rather ascetic: delight is achieved by combining the simplicity of the tool with its efficiency.

Do not forget about the bottom of the pyramid!

In an effort to stand out from the competition, some companies make a serious mistake: they concentrate on the "wrapper", completely forgetting about the content. An attractive interface can give an additional advantage in the struggle for the attention of the target audience. However, the cornerstone should always be functionality. The main goal is to help a person solve a problem.

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