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27 Apr, 2017

5 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Mobile Friendly

During the past few years, the number of browsing mobile users increased up to 80%, allowing us to assume that soon this amount will be even greater. So why does all that matter for a website owner? The first obvious reason is as follows: people access a site from a device they use at that moment. As it is a cell phone for the majority of time – they would see the mobile version (or its absence). Therefore, today, having a mobile friendly website is no longer a suggestion – it is a vital requirement.

If you are still not convinced, let me tell you some numbers.

The morning starts not with coffee. More than a half of mobile users are so addicted to their devices that immediately refer to them after rubbing the sleep out of their eyes. I’m not ashamed to admit I belong to this hooked majority. This is the reality and should be considered by the various business owners. It is as simple as 1-2-3: if your audience is mobile, you should be too. However, not every business owner agrees.

Someone would think: “Why should I optimize my website if I can make an app?” True. But ask yourself – do I download apps for like everything on the Internet? No. Neither do your potential clients. Thus, making a website mobile friendly is crucial for keeping your audience engaged. No matter how popular applications are nowadays, people still trust old time search engines for their products or service research. Therefore, it is vital for a website owner to adapt it to the needs of mobile users.

According to Google, 61% of people do not come back to a website once they had experienced troubles accessing to it. A considerable amount would rather visit your direct competitors. Is this the statistics you are looking for? Probably not. Nevertheless, with the incompatible platform, it’s you who sends your potential customers to the opponents. It’s you who unconsciously and unintentionally “tells” them: “C’mon, go to …, you’ll have a better user experience there!” It is not what you want your business to look like, right?

They say, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. That is why your adapted website version should not only be present but also be beautiful. Over a half of users say they will not advise a business with a crudely designed mobile platform. And it leads you to the fact that your website should be looking good. Today, the things work this way: if the user experience is beyond expected, the ROI is beyond predicted. Mobile users search for whatever they need and make a decision of whether to interact with a business based on the look a mobile site has. The more attractive and easy-to-use your website is to them, the simpler it will be for them to favor you.

Now, let me wrap it all up for you in five simple reasons for making your website mobile ready:

1. Because Google says so

Back in 2015, Google started promoting mobile optimization. They made it simple: if your site is mobile friendly – you appear higher in the search results. This changed everything because businesses started to optimize their platforms to reach better results. It is all very plain – the higher you are on Google, the more people see you and click on you. Thus, you gain more traffic without making them actually type in the URL. People would just search for whatever they are searching and find you fast and effortlessly.

Remember, if Google suggests something you should do – you need to solve this straight away. You may wonder: “Why would such searchzilla as Google care about my small local business?” The answer is on the surface. Google serves its users who expect it to deliver useful results. If a mobile user sees only desktop optimized websites in the search results, he/she would not be satisfied. Thus, to increase its search traffic, Google prioritizes mobile ready websites in the list of results.searchzilla as Google care about my small local business?” The answer is on the surface. Google serves its users who expect it to deliver useful results. If a mobile user sees only desktop optimized websites in the search results, he/she would not be satisfied. Thus, to increase its search traffic, Google prioritizes mobile ready websites in the list of results.

However, even considering this information, not every website works well on a mobile device. They use content maladaptive for a cell screen. It results in unsatisfied users and decreases in traffic. Thus, if you want ever-increasing traffic, bother to optimize your platform to operate well on mobile devices!

2. Because your customers expect you to

People are no longer accessing the Internet only from a desktop or laptop. With the appearance of the smartphones, it became easier for them to browse on the go. Following the latest trends, businesses are expected to adapt to this situation and optimize the websites to little screens. Thus, if you do not give your potential customers the desired optimization, they will look for it somewhere else.

To prevent that from happening, a website owner should seriously think about making it mobile friendly. According to statistics, the majority of the users expect a site to be mobile friendly while browsing. Moreover, they hope a business has an app and their experience would be relevant and useful. This uplifts anticipations from plain mobile presence to providing an awesome user experience.

Full website versions without optimization force mobile users to perform unnecessary and frustrating actions (such as zooming in). Thus, to prevent them from leaving the site, you should create a mobile friendly version. It will be the full one reduced to main functions only. As a mobile user, your customer does not necessary need all the functionality of your website. Instead, he/she would be happy to see some main features that were searched for instantly on the main screen.

3. Because your competitors already have it

Every business owner should always remember that every something he/she doubts about implementing could be actualized by anybody else. In the modern digital market of businesses, you forever have competitors who keep you up. Thus, not to fall behind, one ought to stick to the trends.

For your potential customers, it is natural to access mobile friendly websites. We have a lot more optimized platforms every day for their needs. In addition, it is not superfluous to mention people often judge how reliable the website is, based on its mobile readiness. Responsive design is today so easily accessible for website owners that users expect this feature to be present in any site imaginable.

Therefore, if you want to enhance your traffic and generate more and more leads every day, providing pleasant user experience is the thing you should be striving for. So, when the question of website optimization arises again, your answer ought to be “yes”.

4. Because your business will benefit from it

So far, I have told you about why you should do it but didn’t outline the actual benefits for you. First, it will enhance your trustworthiness among your target audience. The favorable user experience will not leave your users anything but the desire to share the pleasant feedback with someone else about you as a reliable source of information.

You can’t buy a good reputation: you should earn it. Your users keep track of what websites they had troubles interacting with, and the ones that left a pleasant impression. If you want to belong to the second group, try to satisfy the needs of your audience’s persona. Create a reputation of a cutting-edge and appropriate website.

5. Because everyone is on mobile

In the modern digital world, we started counting mobile users in billions. Thus, if you see a person is online, you can almost 100% be sure he/she uses a smartphone. If this still does not convince you, I don’t know what will! People now use their phones for almost any purpose, from plain browsing to commerce. Why? Speed and simplicity.

If your website is not mobile optimized, you won’t be able to provide this type of user experience. You will leave the job of layout adjustment to cell phones and tablets. And they are not the best ones to do it. Thus, your potential customers will be unsatisfied and you’ll lose leads.

Wrap up

An optimized platform enables you to provide the best user experience and results in your personal business benefits. So why wait and doubt? Find the solution today and start your way towards a better future!

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